Carrier - Anne Tibbets This book was so good. I was sucked right in. Depressing as the characters lives were, the story line is action packed. Carrier is a thrill ride full of desperation to a place that feels safe. A sex slave released to fend for herself and find a replacement, due to pregnancy. A story too sad to be true. I hope this isn’t real.

Naya is a girl on the line, and then she is cast out to find her replacement. The Line is a place girls go to work as slaves. They start young, sold by family and benefactors. They are sold to men, who are allowed to do whatever they want one hour at a time. The problem is she is pregnant at 23 years old, 1 year away from her contract ends date, with twins. She was supposedly sterilized on the line, but it didn’t take. Naya is cast out with a few credits and told to find her replacement or be force to give her children to the line for payment. After ten years as a sex slave Naya stumbles trying to live her life outside. How can she find a replacement? How can she secure a safe place for her and her children in the outside world? Was she set free because of her contract end date, or is there some other reason?

Admittedly, this book is dark. Sex slaves don’t usually make it out of the line, Naya is an exception. Naya has PTSD severely from her time on the line and can barely stand to be touched. She can’t remember her parents, she has no one. In wanting Naya to survive and be safe, I felt hopeless. There was really no chance of her becoming normal in this book. She was used up, damaged goods, and cringed away from a touch. Miraculously she finds people that are willing to help her.

Her relationships outside the line are poignant and fraught with meaning. Naya is trying to find her place in the world. She is able to save some, and loses others. I really couldn’t put this book down. I had a feeling it would not be resolved in 268 pages and I was right. I am looking forward to getting into the sequel. This is Dystopia as I never wanted to imagine it. The books sends a clear message that slavery takes it toll on its victims.