Eventide (Iron Falls, #1)

Eventide (Iron Falls, #1) - Christine Allen-Riley Eventide was a great scary read, perfect for October. This YA fantasy had me staying up late and reading into the wee hours of the night. I loved this story. I loved the magic, the faeries, the other worldliness, this book had so much mythology weaved into it. A perfect fantasy adventure.

Devon accidentally killed her best friend, Rachel. It wasn’t her fault but she was driving. To make matters worse the family of the girl, and most people in town, hate her for it. There are very few people she can trust. When she starts to see her dead friend running through the woods, she is compelled to find her, to find out why. As this book unfolds it was a white stag in the road that made Devon swerve, causing the fatality. This is not the first time a white stag has been the cause of an accident in her town, she is just the only one who lived to talk about it.

Devon finds some unlikely allies in Rachel’s cousin, Jonah, and a girl at school named Mellie. Mellie has taken a liking to her all of a sudden. She may be the only girl in her whole school who sits with her at lunch and helps her with her homework. This couldn’t have come at a better time for Devon. She is so grief stricken that homework tends to fall to the wayside. I really felt bad for Devon. I can’t even imagine loosing my best friend and then having people blame me for it. Jonah almost hits Devon as she runs across the road trying to find Rachel. Almost killed her, and they form an unlikely alliance. All of a sudden Jonah starts to see Rachel, too.

I loved that there are faeries in this story. The Sidhe (faeries) are really bad, and I loved that they use magic on humans. They have some weaknesses, too as we soon discover. The other person in this story that sees the magic is her little sister Lucy. I would have liked for Lucy to play more of a staring role in this book. She sees Rachel in the woods, and she knows about the tree people. She may not understand it all, since she is so young. When she tells Devon that she sees Rachel too, Devon realizes she is not just loosing her mind, and the story shifts. It was seriously creepy when Lucy describes what she sees for Devon.

Devon starts to see those tree people, too. They sound terrifying, like the stuff of nightmares. Devon goes a bit crazy trying to figure all of this out. The search escalates when Devon loses hours of her life, the victim of a glamour at the hand of Thorn. Thorn states he is Mellie’s brother. This is almost the truth, except that Mellie is not who she seems. Devon doesn’t play the stupid victim, and there were no stupid moves from the characters. For example: Devon is lost in the woods and uses her phone’s GPS to find her way out. The next time she heads into the woods, she brings her dog so she won’t be fooled again. I liked that the character was smart.

There were so many twists, I was sure someone would end up dead by the end of the story. I wasn’t wrong, I just didn’t realize who. I really liked this story and it is complete enough for me to walk away from the series. The author did leave some loose ends and so I am looking forward to the next book Darkling Night. Eventide had a preview of the next book, which is due out winter 2015. It looks good, can’t wait to read it.