Yield to Me (Club Excelsior, #1)

Yield to Me (Club Excelsior, #1) - Sarah Castille Despite my distaste for (read: ignorance of) sports I found Yield to Me was easy to get into. The sparing scenes played out without much technical jargon. The relationship in this book didn’t play out in a typical way and the sex was really hot.

I didn’t know this but this story was actually published before in the anthology Unraveled. This book has 50% more content, so we get more details than that short story would have contained. I can totally understand why the author would consider revisiting the story. At only 106 pages, this could have included even more details about Marcy and Jax. It would have kept my interest, I am sure of it.

Marcy is an MMA fighter who wants to win the state championship. She was destined for a life on Wall Street until she changed her path, broke from her family, and became a fighter. The only problem is that she can’t submit in the ring. She freezes and refuses to tap out. This leads to a dangerous training style. She is a bit broken from a romance gone bad, and it has carried over into her fighting. Her coach calls in Jax, a professional counselor who is a former MMA fighter, to help her battle her demons. They have instant chemistry which causes so much turmoil inside and outside the ring.

Jax is all alpha male in the bedroom and as a coach to Marcy. She struggles to keep her dominance, but it is a loosing battle. I swooned over the sex I this book. My favorite scene was called ‘Countdown to crazy hot sex‘ I don’t know what page it is on, but on my kindle it is at 84%. This author really knows how to lay out a scene, building tension for a few pages. and then releases it. There was a little flip in the last part and I didn’t think we would get a happy ending. Sarah Castille managed to clean up all the loose ends without being unrealistic. In this book is a heroine any girl could get behind. A heroine following her dreams and making them come true.