The Wonder

The Wonder - Colleen Oakes What a grand adventure this book turned out to be. I like The Wonder so much I decided to get the first book, The Crown, so I can get more of this story. I had to learn more about these characters. It doesn’t seem like it is meant as a standalone, but it is such a good story I found it easy enough to catch up.

As soon as I spied the cover, I hoped it would be an Alice in Wonderland book. It is! This is the story the Queen. It is so much darker than you imagine, and fantastic. This is a magical story about the Queen’s exile from her home. The King has killed her brother and placed her (fake) sister, Vittiore, on the thrown. Dinah is cast out and sets off in the twisted woods. She has few supplies and the king’s Hornhoov, named Morte. Morte is a magical horse-like creature: part beast, part horse, part warrior. She encounters much danger, and wondrous sights. She struggles to survive with little knowledge of survival outside of the palace walls. She laments over her memories of love left behind, and death. So much death. She encounters a traitorous spade that seeks to help her. Help her what? This Spade pushes her to a place she never thought she should end up.

This book reveals Dinah coming into her own. By the end of the story, I barely recognize the girl from the beginning. She has been through so much and I have grown to love her and this world so much more. Dinah is this really cool character. She goes through so much in this story. Secrets are revealed here that rock her world to the core. I cannot imagine she would come out of this unscathed. This is where the queen finds her rage.

What else can I say about this book that makes it clear that this is an excellent read? YA or not, this is a tale many will enjoy. I loved the details given about the twister woods, the palace, the characters, the animals, even the food. The author incorporates so much from the original story. This book offers stunning visuals, and an addicting story with which to propel the reader into the world. Wonderland is everything I hoped it would be. I could completely understand how Dinah would react to a girl like Alice from seeing her in this story. She is a woman scorned. She is a survivor and has earned her right to her way or no way. Following her tale I felt bad for her and wanted her to get her vengeance.

I can only hope the sequel to this book comes out soon. I have to know what happens next.