Blyss - J.C. Cliff Blyss. A drug meant to drive her into a sexual frenzy, submitting to her owners sexual whims.

I really enjoyed this read. Jules is falling in lust totally against her will. Nick is a man completely obsessed with Jules. Nick has been planning to take ownership of her for years. He enlists the help of Travis to make her the perfect submissive. With the help of Blyss she should be putty in his hands in no time. These guys have never seen girl like Jules. They don’t know that she is actually a virgin. She fights off their advances and training techniques. The drug is making her see the men holding her captive differently. She has to find a way to stop taking the drug.

She is fighting with everything she has to keep her head on straight, bad guys= bad, her old life= good. But the temptation of sexual release is so much. Even for a virgin like her and after she stops taking Blyss, things are still not clear for her. She doesn’t accept that this is it, that she should just submit. She fights so hard. This brings Nick so much displeasure. He becomes a sadistic monster when he is angry. At least that is what Travis and Nick keep telling her. Travis tries to convince her to be good. He tries to warn her that it will get worse for her if she doesn’t act right, show respect. Jules just doesn’t care anymore.

Travis tries to make her perfect. In doing so, he sees just how different she is. It seems he is falling for her, or is he? He does more for her than he should. He crosses lines he should not cross. Although Jules is sexually attracted to both men, Travis shows her a tender side and seems to want to protect her. Nick is not like that. He can’t see past his obsession to realize a girl like Jules will never fall for a setup like this. If she keeps fighting she may end up being punished severely, maybe even sold to someone else.

I liked this story right away. The author doesn’t waste too much time before getting to action of Jules being taken and the start of her training. Training might be the wrong word. She is more or less being broken in. The sex scenes in this book are well played out. It isn’t just straight sex, or kinky sex, it is sex played out in the mind. I like it. I hated that this book ended without resolving the main issues, any issues really. This is part one of a 3 part series, and now I have to wait to find out what happens.