Burning Through Gravity

Burning Through Gravity - Addison Moore This book is about a girl named Stevie. We meet her first at the deathbed of her sister, her twin, who dies too young. After several years of loneliness, Stevie decides to take her own life and join her sister. On the night she has set for her suicide, she meets a man who changes everything for her. Ford and Stevie meet and enjoy an incredible two week affair. The love in this book burns fast and bright. They both start off telling each other lies. The lies end up being exposed and they both have to own up to who they really are. It takes some people a lot longer to own up though.

Stevie is such a dark female character. She is the me I wish I had the nerve for. She keeps her heart closely guarded and she speaks her mind, no matter what the cost. She is the black sheep, clamoring for attention from her father. Her siblings enjoy the limelight and she is cast aside. She agrees to infiltrate a company that Ford, the love interest, just happens to be CEO of in the hopes of winning her father’s approval. Predictable to a point, but then there is the jealous ex-lover who is cast to train Stevie in her internship. The plot thickens as she busts Ford in his identity lie and Stevie uses this to (stupidly) set him to prove his love for her. I was so frustrated and desperate for the characters to set things right. The misunderstandings and lack of communication between these two was frustrating. I so wanted them to just fess up to each other, but it made me keep reading to find out just how far each would go to save face.

This book is written beautifully with poetic words that stir the soul. There is real pain in this book. The main character has wounds that are laid bare, open and picked at. I felt bad for her, but I also felt like this was her path. It all happened for a reason. It is rare to see a character so messed up. I mean Stevie was just in such a pit of dung, I really couldn’t see how this would end up being a happy ending. Ford, the male lead, was a saint in this story. His one little act of deception is blown out of proportions by a girl that has some real trust issues. The author was so kind, she went on for a while in the epilogue tidying up loose ends. I felt relief and joy at the ending of this book. There were a few “no frickin way” corney coincidences in this story, but this book was also so unlike anything I have ever read. It kept my attention and I felt myself smiling through the last 30 pages. This was quite an enjoyable read.
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