Dead Girl Walking

Dead Girl Walking - Ruth  Silver I could not get into this book at all. I didn’t like the characters. I didn’t enjoy the story, like at all. It just didn’t grab my attention and I couldn’t get myself to care about the characters. This book had a great premise and plenty of potential, but fell way flat for me.

I wanted to love this book and get lost in the story. It just didn’t happen. Princess Ophelia sneaks out to meet her lover, who is a commoner. She is attacked and dies. Her soul is “reaped” and she is given a choice, become a reaper and live, or cross over right now. She feels she has so much more to do, so she chooses to become a reaper. She takes on a completely different look as a reaper and is warned by other reapers not to seek out her old life, or people she used to know. She is also warned not to miss a reap. Every soul has it’s own date and time, and must be reaped or the soul won’t pass on. She ignores both warnings and gets into trouble. We never get the details about why she was killed. Her death ultimately gets her commoner boyfriend into trouble and she goes back and tries to fix things.

The other characters in this book lack the sort of details that get my attention. We get their names and how they are meant to help Ophelia, but not their past or ages. I felt very unattached to this story, even 60% in. There was all this over explaining from the characters, like they were each telling this story. All the characters sounded the same to me. I couldn’t see why Ophelia made the choice to become a reaper and not just cross over. Why would anyone want to reap? There wasn’t good pace to this story either. It jumped right in at her death. There was about about her little sister, but not quite enough of the sister in the bit for me to care. There really wasn’t much about Ophelia either. I might have been more inclined to care if I knew anything about Ophelia, but right from the start she was just a girl who died.

I stopped there and didn’t continue. I know what kind of stories I like and this is not even close. I know that sounds terrible but I wasn’t going to get all attached to this story, all of a sudden, in the last 30%. This book has a ton of 5 star reviews, so I know I am in the minority. This just felt like bad fiction. Maybe too juvenile for me to appreciate.