Beyond the Velvet Rope

Beyond the Velvet Rope - Tiffany Ashley I starting reading this book thinking it would be a quick read. From my kindle I can barely tell how long a book is, especially advance review copies, because they are usually devoid of a table of contents. By chapter two, I was completely ensnared. I couldn’t put this book down. Beyond the Velvet Rope is the story of a club marketer/promoter (Thandie), who takes a gig far away from the NYC where she works for a job in Miami. Club Babylon in Miami barely needs her help, but she agrees to go for three months and host VIPs to help the club gain fame. The club’s owner Elliot proves to be a problem in that he is a woman magnet and he has his eyes set on Thandie. Staying professional proves difficult for her.

This story is so much more than that. At 544 pages there is plenty of details and twists in this plot. The characters are rich, and getting to know their personalities and quirks was a real treat. I loved how Thandie was such a successful woman who knows how to carry herself. She is so much beyond a pretty face in that she was in charge of a small staff throughout the book and handled emergency after emergency like a professional. Elliot was the type A alpha male who takes what he wants without asking. Tall, dark, and sexy, Elliot made my mouth water. There were few morals evident in this man. He was hard to like but also hard to resist. Forget all about the issues of consent and you have a very sexy story here.

I actually forgot I was reading a romance. In fact, I can’t believe it is marketed as such. If it is actually suppose to be a romance, well then this is more of an acquired taste and may leave romance readers frustrated. A romance needs certain ingredients, and this book was lacking on the trust issue. I loved the book, though. This is erotica with a great story line. It was well written and certainly entertaining. It had some lovely romance-ish undertones, but I can’t endorse this as a romance. Know what you are in for, or at least don’t expect a typical romance out of this. I give Beyond the Relvet Rope 5/5 stars for being a book I couldn’t put down with a excellent cast of characters and an engaging story line, not to mention steamy sex!