Cover Him With Darkness: A Romance

Cover Him With Darkness: A Romance - Janine  Ashbless Milja is trying to forget what her father is charged to keep secret, but she knows and the secret won’t let her go. Her father, a priest, is guarding over a fallen angel in the bowels of his church in Montenegro Italy. His name is Azazel and Milja is haunted by his punishment. The beginning of the story finds Milja in Boston, trying to be a normal young adult. She tries at love and higher education. She is called home when her father becomes ill. Upon seeing Azazel again, she gives in to her empathy and passion, and makes a choice that changes her whole life forever.

That is about all the synopsis I can write. Anything more and I will spoil the whole story. I honestly started off reading this book and then thought, I have read this before. I was angry thinking this was a stolen story until I realized a short version of this tale was in a book I have read and was penned by [a:Janine Ashbless|108584|Janine Ashbless|]. Cover Him With Darkness was the second story in the anthology [b:Red Velvet and Absinthe|10810955|Red Velvet and Absinthe|Mitzi Szereto||15724525] which I read back in 2011. That story was much less detailed and only outlined the foundation for this story.

Cover Him with Darkness is a great erotic story with religious undertones. It may offend those who hold strong christian (or catholic) religious beliefs. I don’t. I found this story of a fallen angel really enticing. The characters are very well written. The scene is described with enough detail to envision easily. I really enjoyed the spooky elements of this. An angel that haunts dreams with erotic delights, what is not to like about that? Milja is a believable character. I found her home town strange, but then again, so did she after living in America. The prejudices she encounters are so stereotypical of old Europeans. I bought her relatives completely.

This book had the right amount of action, romance, erotica, mythology, and religion. It kept me reading deep into the night. Totally worth lost sleep. This story ended with the notion that more was coming. Yes! I am thrilled that this is part of a series. Bring it Janine! I can hardly wait to see what happens next.