Dark Paradise

Dark Paradise - Angie Sandro I expected a ghost story out of this book. Set in Louisiana this book hinted at ghosts, witches, and a murder mystery. Cool, I am into that! What I got was an eerie romance with a confused female lead. This stories starts off strong when Mala finds the body of the reverends daughter at the edge of her property. It gets worse when the girl haunts Mala way before her inheritance should come to pass. Mala is the main character who comes from a long line of witches that are feared in her small town. Mala is in denial about her gift and is not excited upon learning she will inherit it fully only after her mother dies. Mala’s mother is a mess and could have her very own book. Mala is a virgin girl who wants to become a cop. I found her very hard to relate to. Not typical of a female lead Mala is a bit mean to her love interests. She is torn between a crush and someone crushing on her. She shows her weakness and gives in easily, or at least she thinks she does.

Her crush interests are the reverend’s son Landry, brother to the dead girl, and a cop named George she has been working with. She acts like she hates the cop, but I bet there is more there. There is some back and forth, and these characters spar for her attention. Landry has always wanted her, so it goes that he seeks her out to help him solve the mystery of her murder. Mala wastes a lot of great opportunities being mad at one person or another in this story. She doesn’t seem like such a great catch when she storms off, or physically attacks people. Mala is real though, thats how people act sometimes. I really didn’t like her, but I rooted for her anyway. There were some romantic scenes but the best ones ended up being a clustered mess when she storms off mad, again missing an opportunity.

This book will appeal to readers who love paranormal romance. This book is part of a trilogy, the second and third installments Dark Sacrifice and Dark Redemption will be available later this year. The book’s ending definitely left room for more of a story to be told, but it could work as a stand alone if you let your imagination tie up the loose ends. I would have to say here that I fully plan on reading the next book at least. Although the main character is not someone I relate to, her story is good and I want to see where she ends up.