Backdoor Pleasures: Anal Erotica

Backdoor Pleasures: Anal Erotica - Alex Algren I bought the book Backdoor Pleasures after I saw it on Cleis Press as an ebook exclusive. This was a quick read on my kindle, only six short stories that pretty much get down to business. The book is all about anal erotica. The stories are pretty varied but they all center around one thing…

I think the cover for this book was really inspiring. This book includes short stories by: Tenille Brown, Gwen Masters, Donna George Storey, Jolene Hui, D.L. King, and Matt Conklin.

I could so relate to Anal-yzed by Donna George Storey. Anal sex isn't something she does often, she doesn't even really like but the idea turns her on. She is talking dirty about anal during sex. Her husband uses the opportunity to fulfill her fantasy.

I really like Anal Submission... Or Not by D.L. King. A Domme asks her sub if anal sex for her is submission. The answer is tricky for her sub. This book was sexy and not so run of the mill.

I really liked all the stories in this book. When I got to the final story Veronica's Ass by Matt Conklin all I could picture was the cover from this book. It is a really good fit since the book is about a man who really, really enjoys his wife's behind.

I devoured this whole book in one day. In a few short hours actually. Mostly on my lunch break at work, that was a bit naughty. There were some great stories in this book. I got this book for my kindle but it is available on other ebook formats as well. If you are looking for a sexy quick read that will make your pulse race, check this book out.