The Wall

The Wall - Marlen Haushofer, Shaun Whiteside I am almost haunted by this book.
The woman in this tale is unlike any, or maybe it is just that she is every woman. She finds herself trapped in a hunting lodge after an unexplainable "wall" has come down around her. She is all alone, except for the animals she cares for. A woman past her prime with kids grown and gone. All she has is memories and new responsibilities. At the core of this story is a woman who knows life must go on. She teaches herself how to stay alive. She suffers great loses and learns things the hard way. She writes her memoir for no one, she writes it all down for us to read and try to make sense of it. She is no hero, she is a survivor.
There is no vanity in the woman's story. She takes no credit for her many accomplishments. This is a tale where beauty and the pursuit of the opposite sex is not in the forefront. What a breathe of fresh air that a woman could just have an adventure without other women or a man to distract from the purpose. This book is timeless in that there is no technology to give it away. There is no time stamp on it. I was shocked to find out just how long ago this was written. Don't let the stories age distract you. This woman could live at any time, in any country. I finished this book with a sense of awe. I knew there really wasn't more, but I carry this character with me. She is the woman I hope I would be if I found myself all alone.