Waking Up Joy

Waking Up Joy - Tina Ann Forkner Waking Up Joy was not an everyday read for me. It was a breath of fresh air. This book had me overjoyed and crying, it made me forget the world if only for a short while. Accompanying Joy on her journey was such fun and full of endearing surprises.

This book follows a woman named Joy Talley as she slips off her roof and ends up in a coma. He whole family thinks she tried to kill herself. They don’t realize she can hear and will remember everything going on around her while in her coma. If that set up isn’t enough we learn that Joy is a forty-something spinster, she has been pining away for a now windowed man for almost thirty years. She awakens, at her mother’s funeral, of all places, after being stolen from the hospital by her mostly “crazy” family. Joy is accompanied by her niece’s diary and her honest telling of Joy’s story. Upon awakening and through the reading of the diary, Joy decides to set things right and make some real changes.

I so enjoyed this read. It was a great escape for me. Getting to know Joy and her crazy family was a whole lot of fun. Joy’s adventure is not unbelievable or far-fetched. If not for the coma, she might have existed and died never really living, which is so sad. I loved the small town and everyone knowing everyone. The Talley house is so full of life and filled my heart with longing for my own crazy kin. Joy is the one left at home, she is lonely although she might not have admitted that. Her siblings have all gone on to pursue their lives and she is the one left behind. Although things are not perfect for them, they have no trouble telling Joy what she need to do. Is she a bit like her Momma, and casting spells and charms on those around her? Does she need professional care? The Talley house is full of trinkets of spells and the memories of teas for everything that ails you. Joy breaks out of her shell and shows her family that she is not crazy, she is just a Talley.

I felt completely at home reading Joy’s tale. I found myself missing her mother, and wanting Jimmy right along side of her. I cried my way through the last chapter. I am not sure if it was the years lost, or the angst of missed opportunity, or maybe it was just a spoke in my menstrual cycle. It doesn’t matter because a book that can bring me to tears becomes a part of me. The characters in this book will remain with me.