The Prisoner (The Replacement)

The Prisoner (The Replacement) - Rachael Wade The Prisoner’s story actually takes place at the same time as the Replacement, but it is from a totally different angle. The Prisoner is meant to be read after The Replacement. This novella tells the story of Christian. He is a man who starts sleeping with Elise before she meets Ryder. He is one of many men that Elise has sex with while they are married. They have this lusty affair and it eventually consumes Christian, to the point that he leaves his wife to pursue it. Christian is this lusty alpha male dominant. He has the perfect life and plenty of money to make her every dream come true. He can’t convince her to stay, and we know that from reading The Replacement. It was so nice to see what drove him to end his marriage. He becomes obsessed with Elise to the point of near madness.

The main reason to read this novella, other than the lusty male lead, is the smoking hot sex that takes place. Rachael Wade knows how to write a sex scene. It is like you are right there, sweating it out with them, exploring their flesh. After reading The Replacement we know this book doesn’t carry us safely to a happy ending. It does give us a glimpse into the mind of Christian. We find out exactly what drove him to pursue to the town tramp waitress when he had a happy life at home. Reading this book as a stand alone won’t make much sense unless you have read The Replacement. 5/5 stars for packing that much hotness into approx 25,000 words. Christian really needed his story to be told. Thanks Rachael, that was quite a sexy tale.