Found in Us

Found in Us - Layla Hagen Oh man! I got started on this book at work and quickly found myself enveloped in it. Found in Us is actually the second in a series but it can be read as a standalone. I haven’t read the first one and I can assure you this book tells a complete tale.

Jessica is the original California party girl who does things on her own. She finally gets the dream job she wanted in a museum in London, now she just needs to shed her party girl past. Parker is an old friend who hurts Jessica’s ego by turning her down for sex, back in her party girl days. The story starts off with happy-go-lucky Jessica in London trying to make it on her own without a boyfriend to distract her. Insert Parker who is British and almost irresistible. They run into each other again and then the sparks fly almost instantly.

They say opposites attract and that is certainly true for those two. Jessica is fun and lives on the fly. Parker is serious and has everything under control. These two both have issues in their past, and that means baggage. They are more alike then they think. We don’t get to hear all about it right away, but these two have a long history. Parker sends out his mixed signals and gets Jessica all sorts of confused. She doesn’t want to want him, but she can’t help herself. Parker is not Jessica’s type. Parker is easy to fall for. He is handsome and mysterious, oh and very wealthy. Poor Jessica. Poor Parker too, since Jessica basically comes along and distracts him from his life. I doubted these two would ever get it together, but they did and the result is smouldering.

The sex scenes in this book are pretty hot. There is no bondage or pain, but I still thought they were very cheeky. There is a bit of exhibitionism in this that make it sexy. This was such an easy read for me. I was thinking it would take me a week to finish this but I stayed up for hours after work and couldn’t wait to tell you about it. Any romance lover could enjoy this book. There is enough sex in here to makes it quite an erotic read with a great story line.