Scared To Death

Scared To Death - C.S. Latu SCARED BANNER

Scared to Death is the tale of two friends that evolve into something unexpected. Noah is the handsome boy that can easily have anyone he wants. When he decides what he really wants is his oldest and dearest friend Ruby, who just happens to also be his roommate, things get really complicated. Ruby is/was a virgin before Noah, and all of her best friends are guys, except Noah’s sister Rachel. These two are both interesting characters that are fun to get to know. This story takes us from first meeting to happily ever after on the twisted ride that is their stubborn virtue and pride.

I loved and hated these characters. I wanted the story to move faster at times. So it was a little slow to start. The author really built this up and it all ends up being for good reason as bad things happen. We need to understand how Ruby and Noah think in order to understand their actions. We also get really attached to each of them. Towards the middle this books takes some unexpected turns and I couldn’t put the book down. I had to get back to the reading of this book to find out what happened. This book is written in first person, switching back and forth between Noah and Ruby. One picks up where the other left off. Neither of these two are over the top or carry with them unrealistic ideals of each other. There is a great family feel to this book, and loads of love to go around to the characters.

I think this book is a great debut from the author. Scared to Death is a good love story that has some hot sex scenes and still has warm family gatherings. It is tough to do that all in one book, and keep the readers attention. I would recommend this book for any romance lover. This is a standalone book with no cliffhangers. It is not overly gushy and still tells a good story about what happens to these characters as move toward their destiny.