The Payment Series Boxed Set: Prized, Possessed, Purgatory

The Payment Series Boxed Set: Prized, Possessed, Purgatory - Cassandra Carr This book had me drawn in by the second page. The Payment Series is written so well I couldn’t put it down and finished the whole series in 3 days, in the middle of my workweek. The main character, Catrina Carter, has found herself in serious trouble. She is over one-hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt, has received final notices for water and electric, and is about to be evicted. A friend shares how she got out of debt over a few drinks and how it helped her curb her spending. Catrina decides she has no choice and submits herself for service to DMA, Debt Management Associates, who will sell her for one year to a benefactor who will pay off her entire debt. The catch is that she must do whatever he wants, however he wants it. Catrina is auctioned off and then the real fun begins.

Cassandra Carr is an excellent writer and her details give just enough without spoon feeding the scene to her readers. This book is written in a style that only allows the readers to know what Catrina knows. The sex in this book will appeal to those who love anal play, forced oral, spanking, and humiliation. The gang bang scenes were pretty hot if you ignore the whole issue of consent. This book turned me on. It was a somewhat disturbing read, in a delicious way. I would definitely recommend this book (or the whole series, as it is a boxed set) and this author.