Flying - Megan Hart Meet Stella, a divorcee with unlimited passes to fly about the country thanks to her ex. She is sharing custody of her estranged son, so she has freedom and she exploits her appetite for adventure. Flying starts off deliciously with Stella on a weekend out. She puts on a disguise, stalks her prey, fucks them, and then leaves them. This anonymity gives her great pleasure and has been pretty much keeping her going since the divorce. Her sexual liaisons are far enough away not to interfere with her parenting and everything is going great. Until she meets this guy Matthew. Then things change. Secrets are revealed and Stella risks her heart to make this affair real.

At first, I thought this book was going to be all about the sex. The sex in this book is very well written (read: HOT). I was willing to go along for the ride if that was all the author was willing to give, but no. The author weaved this story around Stella and made me invest emotions in her tale. I actually cried at some point in this book. I swooned and I flushed with embarrassment. This book reminded me exactly why I love reading so much. I was really getting into the character of Stella. I had no idea when I started reading what I was getting myself into. Since this was an ebook for me, I had no idea how many pages were left. This is a full length novel (384 pages) and worth every second of time it took me to plow through it.

The writing style in this book is something fresh for me. I have not read any books written in third person that didn’t flop into other characters. The author stays true to the subjects and we only know as much as Stella does about her conquests. Every chapter was about Stella’s POV. I loved this part. No knowing what everyone else is doing and thinking in the background was suspenseful (for me and Stella) and made for a much better reading experience. I highly recommend this book. I will definitely be on the look out for other books this author has written.