Framed & Hung

Framed & Hung - Alexis Fleming This book started off with some strong characters that had so much potential. Zoe is spunky and goes right after what she wants. The first few scenes set her up for success in seducing the uptight arrogant banker she has always been crushing on, Jake. Jake’s mom hires her to redo the historical site she plans on turning into an inn. Jake just happens to be staying there for a spell when she shows up to do the renovations. He has a reputation for being arrogant. These two strong personalities clash. This story tries to create some chemistry between these two, but it ends up in awkward conversations and over the top attitudes. There is no buildup and not enough depth in these characters for me to care much if they get what they want.

The story fell apart for me after a few chapters. I had a hard time with a forceful little Zoe and a Jake in denial about how much he wants her. The sex scenes seemed forced and inconsistent with great erotica. It was a done deal for me when the ghost of the manor shows up at the most inappropriate times. That’s right. I said a ghost. A ghost of Jake’s great-grandfather that appears to want these too to hook up and do the happily ever after thing. The characters seem less than genuine in their reaction to their paranormal experiences. I don’t remember reading about ghosts in the synopsis.

The arrogance that these two both seem to have with each other is not really apparent in their dealings with anyone else. Jake goes from not really wanting Zoe, to really wanting her but not wanting it to be on her terms. There is no explanation for this at all. The sex seems to come out of nowhere in the middle of a paragraph. Throughout most of story the sex is cut off mid dealings by the characters arrogance. I thought this was going to have some form of art, or artist stuff. There was hardly any artistic influence in this book. Not nearly enough to support the title. I couldn’t get into this book. I didn’t like where the story went or ended up. Too bad really, because the synopsis sounded good.