Withering Hope

Withering Hope - Layla Hagen Layla has done it again! Withering Hope made me swoon, and cry, and then swoon some more. Her characters are flawless and she just has this ability to draw you in and make you love them. This story had fear, romance, heartbreak, and joy all wrapped into a nice book sized package.

Aimee is on her way to meet her fiancé. A few more days and she will finally be marrying her best friend Chris. In route on the private plane the pilot, (Tristan), runs into trouble and has to land….in the amazon. Grateful to be alive but stuck with no means of communication and very few supplies, Aimee and Tristan have nothing but each other. Tristan has survival skills but is a bit broken by his past. Aimee might be the only one who can break down his walls. Despite being in love with Chris, Aimee begins to feel something for Tristan she never felt for Chris. This is more than just a fleeting fling. They grow to really love each other. Their tale is one of survival and hope in the most unlikely place.

I don’t read much contemporary romance. Layla Hagen is one author who writes so well, she makes me forget my disdain and just enjoy the romance. Aimee and Tristan don’t have an insta love. There is a triangle brewing in the background but that didn’t even bother me. These two simmer over their feelings and the them have a mutual attraction with angst that has merit. I loved that Aimee has such a big heart and how Tristan was so strong. Aimee really struggles with missing her wedding, maybe it was for the best but she needed this to realize that. Their love overcomes their circumstances. Aimee and Tristan are not superheros and their adventures show their faults as well as help them work on strengths. I was on the edge of my seat for a while thinking someone might not make it. These two go through a lot in this story.

I won’t spoil this for you. I will just say that the ending of this tale made me cry, in front of my Miguel and my kids. I wept and it took about a half an hour for me to explain to reassure them that it was the book and not something they had done. This was such a bittersweet tale of love that endures. This book touched me deeply. Thank you Layla!