If I Were You (Inside Out Trilogy, #1)

If I Were You (Inside Out Trilogy, #1) - Lisa Renee Jones This book had a great premise. If I Were You was an erotic mystery. I didn’t like how predictable this book was. Everyone wants Sara, and she is a bit like that girl from 50 shades, completely clueless. The sex was great, but the thing is that I didn’t like Sara, so the story was kinda ruined for me.

Sara’s neighbor is a storage war junkie and starts to buy storage units of her own to find treasure. She elopes right after buying a unit with some juicy journals of a woman named Rebecca writing about her sexploitations. She leaves it to her friend Sara. Sara becomes intrigued enough to embark on a quest to find the girl and give her stuff back, or something like that. Sara is a school teacher who just happens to be an art lover. Coincidentally, the girl worked at an art gallery so Sara goes there and gets a job. She abandons her life and meets rich powerful men and gets involved with a sought after artist who, until Sara, can’t seem to commit. Maybe she just wanted to stalk the girl’s life.

This book gives no answers to any of the questions it proposes. We never find out who the man is that Rebecca is having such great sex with. Sara is annoyingly good at sales and her boss takes a liking to her. Sara just happens to get a famous artist, Chris, to give her everything and offer her a life of money and fame. Sara just wants to be a good employee to her boss Mark, who is bit controlling. Does that sound realistic. No, it doesn’t. None of this is believable.

I don’t understand what Sara would say to Rebecca once she found her. “Hi, I read and memorized some of your journals. Do you want your stuff back?” I read this entire book right up to the cliffhanger ending and I just felt meh about it. This just wasn’t a great read for me.