The Forgotten Girls

The Forgotten Girls - Sara Blædel This was an excellent thriller that drew me in right away. The characters were complex and very well written. The girls were heartbreaking. The Forgotten Girls was a mystery was set well and had me biting my nails until the revelation. I will be watching for more from this author.

*This is a spoiler free review, so feel free to read on*

Louise is trying to solve a case for an unidentified woman found dead in the woods. As the new Special Search Agency technical manger she has a lot to prove and wants to solve the case for this mystery woman. The problem comes when she finds out the girl, Lise, was pronounced dead over 30 years ago, along with her twin sister. Now Louise has to find out where this woman has been for the last 30 years and the race is on to try to save her sister, Mette. Louise and her new partner Eik dig deep and unintentionally unearth some of Louise’s painful past in the process.

Louise’s story is rich and learning her story was very interesting. Her story could have been a book all by itself. She knows the woods where the girl was found so well, it definitely helps in the investigation. It is too bad everyone there remembers her and what happened before she left. The investigation is dark and covers some touchy subjects. Some of this was completely heartbreaking, and unfortunately based on facts. I wouldn’t put a warning label on it, I would just say that this is a book for mature adults. The layers of this book uncover fast. None of this felt dragged out, or stalling for time. Every page led me into the next. The last few chapters had me riveted.

The relationship she develops with Eik has much promise. I want more of story of Louise and more Eik. Her friend Camilla was a bunch of fun, with loads of realistic relationship drama running in the background. Camilla is engaged and is freaking out about her wedding plans. As one of Louise’s closest friends, we get a close look into her relationship and it’s issues.

This book was originally penned in another language. Since it’s first printing, it has been translated into 23 languages. It is easy to see why, no wonder Sara Blaedel is so popular! I hear this is the first of a trilogy. I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book in this series. The writing is just smart and the characters are so deep. I highly recommend this read!