Being a Jett Girl

Being a Jett Girl - Meghan Quinn This book made me feel like awwe, and then like ahhh! What a great sequel! Being a Jett Girl is almost as good as the original and better in some areas. Get ready for shower scenes with hot men and phone sex as well. This book rocked my socks off. I want some more!

I loved this book almost as much as the first. This book picked up right where Becoming a Jett Girl let off. We see how Lo/Goldie is as an official Jett Girl and how Jett is trying to make a commitment to Goldie. In this book we see that Goldie needs more from Jett and Jett is almost ready to take the plunge for her. The scenes get racier, as if that is possible, and we get even more of Jett, Goldie and Kace. Honestly, I have been waiting for Kace to make a more sexy appearance, and the shower scene is absolutely panty dropping. Jett is everything I want him to be. This book really got my heart racing and kept my attention to the very end.

The only thing that I can complain about is the cliffhanger ending. Meghan, wtf!? I need more. I need this to find a HEA, I need more of Goldieā€™s story. Please bring it, and soon. We are all waiting on baited breath for more for more of this story. I want more of Goldie, more of Jett and much more of Kace. Please bring it, Meghan!