The Unimaginable

The Unimaginable - Dina Silver This was a great story. It took me half way around the world to a place in Thailand. It swept me aboard a small sail boat into a great adventure. It broke my heart and made me fall in love. The Unimaginable is a great story that made me weep in anguish, and then giddily laugh out loud.

Jessica craves adventure. She leaves her home town of Wolcott, Indiana after her mother’s death for Phuket, Thailand. She has an English teaching job, and she moonlights as a waitress. Jessica meets a man named Grant who is in the middle of his sailing trip around the world. He has a very charismatic crew mate named Quinn, and is looking for a third crew person. Jessica applied for the gig but it doesn’t look good for her since she has no experience. Also, she is a woman. The next leg of the trip will take them into pirate infested waters. This story is a bold adventure with a romance, and a tragedy of the heart.

Once I got into the character of Jessica, I found her to be an average girl with a very brave heart. She really craves adventure and wants to see the world. The risks she is willing to take made me realize how desperate she must be to live a life less traveled. I loved the characters of Grant, her love interest, and his broken hearted tale. He made me cry with his sentiments. Quinn is their crew mate and his story is endearing as well. Jessica has tight bonds to her sister, and great friends at the restaurant in Thailand. I enjoyed getting to know them and their influence on Jessica’s life. I loved how the author described the scenes without giving away too much detail. I doubt my Thailand looks anything like the real thing, but I experienced this story is a way that made the journey very personal.

Unfortunately, I dragged my feet on getting into this story. It may have been my start and stop reading style, but the first few chapters were hard for me to get into. There is a whole continent, and an ocean, between me and this story. Once I realized it was not a missionary story, but instead one of a normal girl coming of age on her own in another country, I got really into this tale. I read from Chapter 3-the end in one evening. I didn’t want this tale to end. I even savored the note from the author at the end until the next day. It was a really great story and very well written. This was a fantastic tale with a message I won’t soon forget. Don’t make the mistake I did. Get this book, get into it. You won’t believe the adventure within.