Save Me

Save Me - Kristyn Kusek Lewis Save Me is about a woman who doesn’t necessarily need saving. A woman is faced with the end of her marriage. The thing she though would always be there has been replaced with uncertainty. This story was heart wrenching. Then it was empowering.

Daphne is just living the dream. She has everything to make her happy: big house, great career, health, married to her high school sweetheart, trying to figure out the best time to start having kids. Then her husband comes home and tells her he is in love with another woman. He isn’t sure what he wants right now, they should take a break so he can figure it out. Devastated, Daphne is hoping it is just a one time fling and prepares to take him back. Things get really complicated when she gets the call that his mistress was in an accident, she might be dying. Her husband reaches out to Daphne for help through his loss.

What a jarring tale of love and betrayal! Daphne might be a saint for how much she still believes in Owen (her husband). Maybe not. I think most women would do the same thing, maybe even more, for the one they love. Daphne’s struggle to win back her husband or step out of her familiar life is just so honest. So decisions are not clear. She considers his mistress, both as an adversary and as a unique person worthy of something more. She considers her husband and the commitment they made. Seeing her life for what it truly is.

The characters are very well written and honest. They seem real. I think most women will find Daphne a likeable character, who is faced with very tough choices. I honestly don’t know what I would have chosen if I had Daphne’s choices? She really is at a pivotal point in her life, everything after this will be different. This book also points out that well intended loved ones don’t always have the right answer. Deciding to leave or stay in a marriage after infidelity is a personal choice. There is no cookie cutter answer. This story is about going on, no matter what, and that is very comforting.