Ruination - Amanda Thome Ruination is a YA Dystopian book about a girl against the system. If she wants to secure her future she must train and become the best. Nessa is a relate-able girl who comes from nothing, and in a moment of weakness chooses the wrong path. Is it really wrong, or actually her destiny? Ruination’s is a thrilling story about a girl against the odds.

So right away, this book felt familiar. Some of the aspects of the story parallel Hunger Games, Paradigm, and Divergent. The worlds are similar in some ways and very different in others. The challenge for a youth at a pivotal age to be separated from family is not a new concept. The separation of classes is also very much like other books. The revelation of what lies beyond those walls is also something I have seen before. Ruination has some of the same conflicts and seems like a combination of those tales with a few twists that keep it fresh. Despite that, I enjoyed this book and devoured it in two days.

Nessa’s life is hard as she lost her mother at the age of six and cares for her younger sister. Nessa is a girl preparing for the test of her life. She lives in the inner portion of her world, in the hopes of making the leap to “central” which is the goal of every citizen. Central is the capital and where the rich live. The inner portion is where Nessa lives and it is middle class. The outer portion is for the poor. There are walls separating the classes. Children start at age six and train for ten years for a chance to become citizens of the next class. Garrett and Nessa train their days away and begin to fall in love. Only one boy and one girl get to make the leap to central. Garrett and Nessa have a good chance of being chosen to make the leap. Nessa is just beginning to wonder why everyone wants to go to central so badly and be separated from everyone and everything they have ever known. Maybe she and Garrett can have a good life here with their families. Ty comes out of nowhere and is also competing for the leap. Where did he come from and why is he here? Will she be good enough to be chosen to go? Will she even want to go if she is chosen?

I enjoyed this read. I just hope the follow-up shows more originalality. With the way this book twists, I am sure the author has a few surprises for us in the series. Although I hate love triangles, this one plays out really well. There really isn’t a clear choice for the reader. I was so torn on Garrett or Ty, I am still not sure who Nessa should want more. I liked the action in this book. There were a few nail biting scenes. I am looking forward to seeing how this series plays out.