Fissure (Chronicles of the Interred, #2)

Fissure (Chronicles of the Interred, #2) - Marilyn Almodóvar Fissure is the second book of The Chronicles of the Interred. As far as second books go, I have to give Marilyn major props for making this book even better than the first. This book is such a rush. I could not stop reading this book once I started it. This book is action packed. Baxter leads us right in to a journey of self discovery into the past and the present.

This is not a standalone, It would be much too confusing for someone to pick up the series with this book. You should read the first book, Interred. Once again this cover is perfect for the book. It shows her running out of a fissure, or something. There is so much jumping around in this book; 2013, 1976, 2001, alternate realities galore. Baxter starts off in this story feeling bad. She doesn’t remember what happened before there is just a blank spot and then she wakes up in the hospital. She may be the cause of all the chaos which makes her want to leave. Instead of keeping her head down, she freezes her healer. This further separates her from the group. They are trying to protect her, but the group is infiltrated by people with malicious intentions for her powers anyways. Baxter finds herself face to face with a fissure and gets pulled in…

Now that we know the characters this book just flows. Baxter is still discovering things about her past, things about her power, and things about the people in her world. Baxter is much different from the first book though. She is all magic, the normal in her life is gone. I loved that everyone is not just good and evil. We find that some characters are marred by shades of grey and that makes Baxter question everything. I liked that flaws are revealed. This keeps the characters honest and likeable. There is so much more in this book then in the first. The main players are time bender, absorbers, warriors and transporters. These abilities are flipped and exposed for good and evil.

There are a lot of players in this book. That aspect was a bit confusing. I know why the story needed so many characters. The story could have been so much longer. I don’t wish for less. I wanted more. The author wrote all the characters very well. It was just when something happens that we only get to see how a few characters are dealing. We only get snippets of conversation. I wanted more. I am giving this book 4/5 stars; because it is not a standalone and because there could be more to it. It is still a recommended read for any YA fan of fantasy.

Alternate is the conclusion to this series and it is due out in 2015. To be honest, I can hardly wait to read it. I need more of this world. I want to know how(in which timeline) Baxter ended up. I just hated that it ended on cliffhanger, but it makes me more eager to look for the next book. I need closure to this series.