Rush - Eve Silver Rush is a book like nothing else I have read. At first, I was like no way! The premise isn’t anything I would believe. It is a fantasy, like any other fiction. This book just takes this idea and runs off with it. Once I bought into it, I couldn’t shake it. I am caught in the web that is this story. I am consumed.

I really had a hard time with the fist 25% or so of this book. The premise is so crazy. A girl named Miki leads us into her almost death. She finds herself pulled into a place where she must fight or die her death. If she fights well, she gets to go back. She will only be pulled to fight occasionally. Fight or die. She is fighting aliens, her score determins weather she lives or dies through each round. She needs a thousand points to exit forever. Her curiosity lends questions to why, who, and what for. Once she learns the truth she is compelled to fight. Not just for herself, but for those who are also pulled into the fight. The last 25% I read deep into the night, way past my bedtime. I had to get to the end. This book ends on a cliff. Gah!

Things I love about this story:

*Miki- she is just a great girl lead (tough, independent, pretty, strong)
*Jackson- leader, asshole, mysterious love interest, swoon worthy
*Cassidy- best friend, full of girly drama (a fight between her and Miki makes this character so honest. That is how girls are)
*Miki’s dad- awkward, like he has no idea how to deal with a teenage girl (totally believable)
Drau- evil, mysterious, scary, villains extraordinaire

What I disliked about this story:

*The pull seemed completely ludicrous. WTH? This is so crazy. It took me a bit to get used to and accept the concept.
*People die before we get to know them. Do I miss Rochelle? No, because I didn’t know her. The story places emphasis on her death, but I have a hard time caring.

I was a bit torn on this book. The beginning was good, the middle was a bit better and laid a great foundation for the last 25%, which really go me hooked to the series. The characters are easy to like and root for. There were so many stretches to believe and no forthcoming answers at first. We have to wait along with Miki for answers. Some of which come in the last 25% of the story. I just put the book down and honestly, I am glad I stuck with the story. There is all this teenage crush angst. It is a love triangle-ish type of romance. Drama. There is a bit of more drama as Jackson (the crush) isn’t quite what he seems. Then there is action and fighting. There are some physiological twists and Miki is made to face some tough issues. I wanted Miki to come through this unscathed. No chance of that.

I have to read the next book in this series.