Darkness - Erin Eveland This is one scary book. Darkness tells a story that captivated me. It really spun a web of mystery, suspense, and finger nail-biting chapters, (just one more that stretched into half the night so I see this book through to the ending). I am not going to be able to give this book a fair review. It ends on the edge of something, I just can’t believe I have to wait to see how this tale ends. I want to read the next story in this series. Right. Friggin. Now.

So this story starts off a little dry. Like, I actually started and gave up on the first few pages a few times. Once I was determined to get to the second chapter, it was all consuming. I think my mistake was just reading the prologue and expecting to be gripped by it. I wasn’t. It wasn’t until I finished the tale that I went back and read the prologue. By then it made so much sense. I wanted to use all the interactive stuff too while I reread this book, but it wouldn’t work for me. Mine is a kindle first 1st gen, so no bueno on the extra effects. The good news is that you don’t need them. This books is dark and all consuming enough to stand without all that jazz.

Catherine is a very special girl. Left by her mother in the care of her grandmother, she is surrounded by love. We get that she is special from their interactions. Catherine sees things, and her grandmother tries to keep Catherine from acknowledging that. When her grandmother dies Catherine is thrust into her neglectful mother’s care. Catherine forgets about the visions she has. She sees nothing more than to get her next meal. Catherine’s only ally in this harsh life a neighbor named Nathan. Some other world players come into play and Catherine is forced to see the darkness around her, and to acknowledge that she is no ordinary girl. She sees the shadow people, she can weild the light. If only she knew this and had someone to show her how…

I really enjoyed the creep factor in this book. Some characters are both dark and light, but most have revealed their true nature within the first few sentences. The story is darkly told and the author uses rich language to describe the landscape. The character of Catherine is one of innocence and shattered hope. She lives a bleak existence and her best hope is to get the boy so they can trudge into their own misery together. That is not Catherine’s fate. Thanks to the introduction of colors to Nathan by Artros, that is not Nathan’s fate either. Their lives are bound to intersect and impact each other. Artros is the bad guy in this tale of dark and light. Artros is the man in the hat that drives this tale into a climax. Artros just wants to get the girl and calls in some unlikely allies to help him out. He is not the only one that has noticed Catherine, and a war of darkness breaks out.

I can’t say too much more This is just one of those books that is more like an experience. Wanna read a creepy tale that will keep you guessing? Get this book.