The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica

The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica - Rose  Caraway The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book if Erotica is a naughty book full of erotic delights. I was so pleased to find that this book encompasses so many types of kink. So many of my favorite authors are encompassed here. It is so wonderful to have such a complete collection so well organized for my reading pleasure. This book displays so many different turn-ons, I think the title suits it really well.

I have to mention the card catalog introduction to each story. This looks awesome and was a stroke of pure genius.


The stories here vary from author to author. One story could be about a “secret” Dominatrix superhero, the next about blood-lust and demons. It is quite a ride of sensual pleasures. I read this book slowly, devouring one story a a time. The authors give plenty of details about the scene and characters then dive in to the kinky scene. I enjoyed getting to know these stories. I know you will, too.

I urge you to get this book. Almost every story was something I could love and lust for. It was a sex filled book with well written stories. Smart smut. This editor has collected 22 amazing tales from authors that rock me. The variety in this collection makes it completely worth it. For me, this collection is a complete win. It is sure to quicken your pulse. I have rated this erotic collection 5/5 stars, my highest recommendation.