Untitled Book 2

Untitled Book 2 - Kristina Lloyd This was a great read! It starts off at a party with hot sex. When one part of her threesome ends up dead, Lana is left to try and sort out if she is falling for the killer or deep in something much more violent. We don’t get all the details right away, we just have an account of what happened from Lana’s point of view. I found myself swooning as the lusty affair unfolded in Lana’s diary. Lana lays it all out there for us to enjoy, writing as if to an old friend. I was falling for it hook, line, and sinker. Her love interest, Sol, is so deliciously written. I loved that Lana was not some expert lover, just one dabbling in BDSM. Sol has all the right moves and it is so hot to hear how Lana falls so deep. Lana finds herself almost a victim in this affair, which borders on manic infatuation. We see the whole scene as Lana does, flaws and all. Kristina envelops us into this story full of lies and betrayal. I could scarcely believe how it all went down.

Kristina describes the life of a bar owner, making it sound like a viable career. I want the life of Lana. The loves of her as well, please. This girl really goes outer limits for her own happiness in this relationship. Since there is such a nasty twist in this book, I can’t give you too many details. I can tell you that you won’t really miss Misah, the guy who dies at the beginning. He served his purpose and made this intro one of the best I have read this year.