Night Chill

Night Chill - Jeff Gunhus This is a great book of horror. Creepy in all the right ways. Fans of King and Kootz will really enjoy this read. I like them both and I found this to be every bit of scary. The characters in Night Chill have depth and the story is delivered in layers that enfold the reader. I was left wondering how we got here. How could I possibly break this down in a review? Somehow the author pieces all the events, and the many characters together brilliantly.

This book starts off with scary, describing a girl bound and gagged in a trunk, just hours from her death. We meet Jack and Lauren who just moved the family to the small town of Prescott after an accident happened in California. Jack is driving his two girls home one night, and torrential downpour forces him to pull over into a rest stop to wait it out. There he has a confrontation with the kidnapper, and everything gets really frightening. The man approaches the car when Jack goes to call his wife from the payphone, (no signal in the storm of course). The man is trying to get to Sarah, Jack’s youngest daughter. He has it in his head that she is going to be his next victim. Jack and the guy have a confrontation. Jack then chases the guy out into the highway, only to find that he is the pursued. They end up in a bad car accident. In the collision, the body of the girl in the trunk lands right on Jacks windshield. Just like what happened to the ten year old girl in California. Her face is the last thing he sees before he wakes up in the hospital.

Jack tries to defend his story, telling it over and over to officials in the town. Jack soon discovers that there is something really sinister going on in this town. It involves a girl lying in the hospital dying of some unknown disease, Jack’s youngest daughter Sarah, and a crazy madman. The crazy madman ends up being a town pillar, a regular guy no one believes is capable of harm. Jack is starting to see things that aren’t there, his daughter is acting strange, and he is sleepwalking. All of these creepy things happen to Jack. No one believes his account of the story, even his wife is skeptical. I was left wondering if this guy Jack was just loosing his mind and trying to take me with him. Jack manages to find a few people trying to help him along the way. The evil he faces is terrifying and he needs their help to sort this all out.

This book was such a great thriller. I couldn’t put it down. All Jack wants to do is save his daughter, keep his family safe. He gets all these warnings that something is coming, coming for his daughter. The lengths he goes to to keep her safe are extreme but who wouldn’t go outer limits for their child. Loosing a child is like every parent’s nightmare, this book touches a raw nerve for me. This book kept me up into the wee hours of the night.