Paradigm - Ceri A. Lowe This book is pretty amazing. An apocalyptic story about the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning. There is so much about Paradigm that made this enjoyable. The story was really original and the characters had such different viewpoints and strengths. This story shifts from one timeline to another, both riveting in their delivery.

This story covers the end of the world as we know it through a girl named Alice. A storm brings floods so bad civilization is forced underground. The survivors are mostly children aided by a company calledThe Industry. These children lead the way to a new way of living. They decide to start fresh and wipe out most of the things that led to the world’s demise. In the future there is Carter, a boy destined for leadership. He is unfrozen to a time 15 years into his future. He is propelled forward by being frozen in a way that has become normal. He is to be the next comptroller, a president like leader that controls the masses. The problem is that his family, both old and new, are the start of the rebellion to a society where art, music, and entertainment are prohibited. These two characters mark the beginning and the end.

What a fantastic way to start fresh! Wipe out everything that distracts from production. Alice and her generation see the err of the ways of the world. They see that the distractions take away from the things that are important. I found the character of Carter a bit less likeable, but his story was still . His reality is so rigid. He wakes up into the future. Society for him is so callous and unnatural. It is easy to see how, by avoiding somethings, a bit of humanity was wiped out. I was so captivated by the Industry. This population is made up of mostly younger people. The young and strong have found a way to survive and they are much more adaptable.

There wasn’t a bunch of technical talk in this story. We are given the elements of the community as they are known to the characters without boring explanations. This made it a much easier read than most sci-fi I have encountered. I found this book such a great escape. This was a well written story that was easy to envision. The story comes full circle in the end. There are suppose to be two more books in this series. Paradigm is so complete, I just could stop here. This book didn’t read like a series, and I am very happy to report this. Knowing and loving the characters the author has created, I am grateful there will be more. I would love to read more about this world. Bring it Ceri!