The Replacement

The Replacement - Rachael Wade he Replacement is the story of Elise, a 23 year old that has a reputation. Her reputation is well earned and she admits to being exactly what people say about her. She sleeps around, the whole town knows it. She doesn’t just sleep around, she sleeps with men who are with other women. This makes her bad. She isn’t sorry about it, except that she is. She seemed very conflicted.

“I’m Elise Duchamp, and I destroy relationships. I destroy people. Wives, girlfriends, good people. People like you. I fuck their husbands, their boyfriends, eat their food, sleep in their beds. Is that clear enough for you?”

This is a strong headed girl with no idea what love is. Her childhood views of love were very twisted. In order to protect herself from harm, she never gets attached. If a guy becomes too available, it is time for her to bail. No man has ever seen her home, and she will never settle down with just one guy. The idea of some guy getting too close is too much for her. The only man she cares about is Tim, her boss. Tim took her in when she had nowhere else to go. He is the only one who ignored the rumors and gave her a job. A job that gives her freedom to live her life exactly how she wants to. He is the only person she doesn’t want to hurt. This girl has big dreams of learning French and one day going all the way to France. This is her end goal and she won’t let anyone get in her way. No friends, no real love, just this passion to speak the language of love in the country of its origin.

Ryder is a drifter. He is so close to being a homeless vagrant I almost cringed that I fell for him, but then he has all these redeeming qualities. He lives in a tent six months of the year. A tent full of books where he lives free under the stars (sounds so romantic doesn’t it?). He is a free spirit with no ties to bind him. He does seem to have a lot of friends. Even friends that trust him enough to let him house sit for six months. He meets Elise when he goes to fix something in her apartment. He is the maintenance guy. A very sexy Mr.Fix it. So this guys is not totally without skills. The attraction is immediate. He accidentally broke her first rule by seeing her apartment. It is not her style to see a single guy but: hot guy, sexy female, they both have issues, why not?

“That’s all you are, you slut —a replacement. Sloppy seconds and an in-between quickie for every guy in this town who’s looking to fill a hole.”

Well , there is that. I think Ryder’s lifestyle had so much to do with him falling for Elise. He seemingly has nothing to lose loving the town tramp, except maybe his heart. Like she is so much better than him with her reputation. So they start off even, both with major baggage. I didn’t see him as this pure character, he has his own issues. Even when everything comes out about Elise, he still advances and tries to win her heart. Elise tries to block him at every turn. She goes back to her old ways even after he confronts her about this being the real thing. We see Elise at her lowest. She betrays a friend, breaks a lover’s heart, and turns away from the only guy that might really accept her for what she is, and sees so much more. She is like this force that destroys everything good around her.

“I’m a whore. I’m rotten to the fucking core, and if you shake this crazy fantasy you have – of me and you frolicking in the woods together, star gazing and listening to Fleetwood Mac- you’d fucking see that! You’d run in the other direction if you had any shred of sense!”

It is frustrating to read, and I couldn’t put it down. Just when I think I know what happens next, the author flips the script and adds in more drama. I didn’t even mention the sex in this book, but man oh man, it is HOT! Elise is like this sex goddess, super cool and confident. She knows all her best assets and she has no problem wielding them. Ryder is a sexy confident man, but he is not the only one with starring roles in erotica in this book. I give this read 5/5 stars. You may never get a chance to see a heroine with so much sexual confidence. Elise is like no one I have ever met.