The Good Girl

The Good Girl - Mary Kubica I read the reviews on this one and didn’t think it would be that great. I am glad I went with my gut and requested it anyways. This story was well written and through me for a wicked curve-ball at the end. This book tells an original story in a very unconventional way. The Good Girl had me hooked right from the go. I got myself invested in the characters and the telling of their story.

So, The Good Girl starts off with Eve discovering her daughter Mia is missing. Eve is heartbroken, most of all at the reaction of her husband, who is a Judge, to their daughters disappearance. Also, she brings up bittersweet memories of Mia to make us love her throughout this book. A detective named Gabe gets involved and is hunting down clues to find Mia. He really leaves no stone unturned and his hard detective work pays off. Gabe and Eve have a strange introduction and their interactions have purpose. Colin is the man who took Mia. The reason why Colin took Mia out of her life and displace her we learn much later. He doesn’t come across as evil or a villain. He is not a knight in shining armor saving Mia from something either.

All of these characters we get to know in first person writing. What really struck me was how much depth each of these characters had. The author took her time and allowed us to really know these people. I got genuinely attached. The author labels some chapters as before, and some as after. Something happened, but have no idea what that is. Mia shows up safe at home in the after chapters with amnesia. She is a shell of the girl she once was. We slowly discover what happened that caused her to be so traumatized. This book was very suspenseful in the writing. I really enjoyed the author’s style. Deliberately not writing in the main character’s first person we are left to wonder like those whose lives she touches, what is she thinking?

I was so affected by this book. I sat on pins and needles wondering why Mia is taken, what is Colin’s motivation, what will Eve do to bring Mia back from the daze she is living in upon her return? I honestly did not see the finish the way the author laid it out. I enjoyed all 352 pages of this book. I was completely swept away with the last chapter, the climax where all the questions get answered.