Torrent - Gemma James It all starts with Alex, the girl who sent her obsession to prison. She is trying to escape her horribly, sick, and possessive step-brother and her father’s arranged marriage for her to a guy she finds absolutely dull. Alex is living a nightmare that only gets worse once Rafe (her obsession) gets out of prison. After eight long years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, all Rafe can think of is getting to Alex, getting his revenge. This story takes the reader inside the twisted minds of people who can’t let go.

Rafe is the villain you want to hate, but can’t. I couldn’t help but think that I would be the same way, wanting to at least enjoy what I was accused of. The sex in this book is sizzling hot! Poor Alex, she made a horrible mistake and has been living with the repercussions ever since. I felt bad for her, I wanted to hate her too but I felt really sorry for her circumstances. She is in the most twisted love triangle I have ever imagined.

I couldn’t put this book down. Torrent is a wild ride that doesn’t let up.