Awakening - Cassandra Carr I thought I knew exactly for this book would go. I have read loads of BDSM and an apprehensive submissive usually ends up falling head over heels when she meets the right Dominant. This book wasn’t like that at all. Awakening had characters that were true to their beginnings and a twist that made me rethink who was saving who. The author, Cassandra Carr, snags the readers attention right away and keeps it.

The female lead Vanessa is a college student trying to finish her bachelors degree. One of her final assignments has her write a research paper and she chooses the subject BDSM. The subject is intriguing to her and she loves doing research. The only problem is that her only place for research is the internet, so she seeks out a BDSM club owner willing to be interviewed. She wants to see it for herself. As luck would have it, the owner can’t make the meeting and instead she meets a Dungeon Master instead named Will. Vanessa and Will are instantly attracted. Will has a past and a dangerous day job. Vanessa is new to everything and has very little sexual experience.

I don’t want to give too much away. This book had some twists that I didn’t see coming. The characters goes through some rough patches. They are both true to form without betraying their beginnings. He isn’t just attracted to her because she is new, she isn’t just attracted to him because he is Dominant. The characters are original. I enjoyed this love story. The BDSM element is both a main focus and not. There isn’t too much sex for this to be porn-ish. There isn’t too much love for this to be classified as strictly romance. It is another Cassandra Carr story. As original as it is entertaining.