A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women

A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women - Kristina Wright, Cathy Yardley The book A Princess Bound is a collection of 17 stories by various authors. Kristina Wright is the editor and she is also a contributing author in this book. This book includes a forward by Cathy Yardly. Other authors in this collection include: Laila Blake, Michelle Augello-Page, Elizabeth L. Brooks, Kathleen Tudor, Ariel Graham, Victoria Blisse, Kannan Feng, Catherine Paulssen, Benjamin Creek, Tahira Iqbal, Rose De Fer, L.C. Spoering, Jane Gilbert, Michael M. Jones, Valerie Alexander, and Poetic Desires.

I really enjoyed all of these stories. That is really rare for me, since there is usually one turn off in every collection, but they were all pretty hot. Most of these tales were completely unfamiliar to me. The only ones I really recognized were Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel. I guess it doesn’t matter since it is all fantasy. I love how the authors shifted these tales and took them in a different direction entirely. Since I didn’t recognize the fairy tales associated with these characters, they struck me as genius fantasy. I forgot I was reading a book about fairy stories and got lost in the erotic submission of the princesses. Almost every story ends with a happily ever after and a woman getting exactly what she desires. This is hot erotic fiction. A total win for me.

There are quite a few original stories that make this book so worth a look. If fantasy erotica turns you on, this book is should be on to read list this year.

These are not the fairy tales as you remember them. This book of naughty tales takes the stories we all remember, and a few that are not so familiar, and re-imagines them for mature audiences. These princesses all have the strength and will of the modern woman, but with a twist of magic in their lives. By adding a bit of submission into the heroines, this book makes every tale an adventure into new territory for the reader.

Get ready for a kinky ever after…