The Darker Side of Pleasure

The Darker Side of Pleasure - Eden Bradley The book Darker Side of Pleasure features three stories with three different scenarios. The central theme is submission. You can come to be a submissive from many angles, not everyone wants to be talked into it. Some people have an ache for it from the jump. You might be wanting it and seek it out. You might want to be persuaded into it by someone you love. You might be reluctant and need convincing. Although, if you aren't sure this book might help you sort your fantasy of submission out for you.

The first story The Bonds of Love, was heartfelt about a married couple trying to get past something. This story got me wanting to read more from the author. This story was really hot. Knowing that they cared so much for each other, the trust was established. The second story, The Lair, although the premise was completely ridiculous, was a nice idea. Answering an ad to be trained as a sub this girl gets in over her head, and right where she needs to be. Forget why she got there and let this story take you away. I was a bit envious of this character. The third story, Love and Discipline, was of being talked into bdsm. It was a little hard to me to get into this story at first, but it did draw me in after Chapter 2 and I just had to see where this story would end up.

The sex in these stories wasn't as PG-17 as I would have predicted. These stories are more about pleasure from pain and submission. Eden Bradley writes well. The characters are unique and well developed. There were quite a few repetitive phrases, (what did I get myself into?) but the plots were well thought out and interesting. The repetitive phrases might have just been that the theme of submission was the same, and so it seemed a bit repetitive to me. There are only so many many ways a character can think they are timid of a new situation. I got hooked into the stories by the time she was finished describing the scene I was drawn in, I had to see where they ended up. I would recommend this book and I would really like to read something else from this author.