Suite Encounters: Hotel Sex Stories

Suite Encounters: Hotel Sex Stories - Rachel Kramer Bussel, Delilah Devlin, Donna George Storey, Ariel Graham, Andrea Dale, Tenille Brown, Suzanne Fox, Emily Moreton, Valerie Alexander, Michael A. Gonzales, Remittance Girl, Justine Elyot, Elizabeth Silver, Suleikha Snyder, Anna Meadows, Tahira Iqbal, Erobint I love hotel sex. Something so nice about clean sheets and the hint of anonymity only a hotel can offer. The book Suite Encounters is a collection of 20 stories featuring hot hotel sex steamy enough to make this book worthy of a read.

The stories varied in location and characters enough to keep me interested from one author to the next. The back drop of all of these stories is sex in a hotel. The stories gave me such variety, I was delighted to find more then anonymous sex, more than lovers rediscovering each other, these stories took me places only a hotel could capture.

I loved so many stories from this book, it was hard to pick which ones to tell you about…

Two Way by Ariel Graham. A woman traveling on corporate business with her lover ends up in a familiar hotel. He helps her make her voyeuristic fantasies a reality.

Selfish by Donna George Storey. A sexy vixen takes what she wants and lives the role she dreams of when she decides to make her fantasy of anonymous sex come true with a banker in a hotel.

Proof of Desire by Remittance Girl. This story gives few details, which makes it all the more sexy. An online stranger fulfills a woman’s desire to watch him get off on her words only…very sexy!

Soundproof by Emily Moreton. A hotel’s thin walls leave little to the imagination of a single guy staying next to sexy couple. The female screamer ends up confronting him in the morning and he flips the switch.

An Inspector Comes by Suzanne Fox. A woman joins in for a murder mystery weekend in a hotel. The games leads to the discovery of an old acquaintance and a new lover for this woman.

Surrender with a Twist by Suleikha Snyder. An ironic sets of circumstances bring a divorced couple back together. The fate of this feuding couple is sealed with a sexy rendezvous with destiny in the Sin City.

Unbound at the Holiday Inn by Lily K. Cho. As a birthday gift to herself a woman books a room for her and her husband. She explores her dominate side with the one she loves.

Return to the Nonchalant Inn by Erobintica. An adventurous couple reminisces when they stay at at hotel 20 years later on their favorite holiday island. Time does nothing to diminish their wild sexy side.

Night School by Valerie Alexander. A hotel desk clerk gets the chance to call the shots and teach a male escort how to be a top for work, by allowing him to be her bottom.

Tailgating at the Cedar Inn by Delilah Devlin. A woman pulls over for some much needed rest. She gets her holes filled in a way she never imagined. This steamy trio didn’t even need the hotel room.

I hope this sample was enough to whet your appetite for more and convince you to give this book a read….you won’t regret it. I enjoyed every story in this collection.