Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica

Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica - D.L. King, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Elias A. St. James, Essemoh Teepee, Tracey Shellito, Elizabeth Schechter, Janine Ashbless, Renee Michaels, Poe Von Page, Kannan Feng, Jay Lawrence, Delilah Devlin, Lisabet Sarai, Kathleen Bradean Imagine a time before sex was mainstream. A long time ago, before many of the inventions that allow us the convenience of having our sexuality out in the open. This book is set in the era of wonderful and scary inventions. A time when repression was the norm. This book is Steampunk, it is a specific kink that involves turn of the century sexuality.

This is a collection of 14 stories of erotic mechanisms in the 19th century. The clothing and language is of that era. The women, and men, that star in these stories are suave and sexual without being brazen about it. The main characters are so varied; they are prostitutes, scientists, doctors, virgins, brothel owners, ship captains and slaves. Some of the fantasy erotica is built upon the idea of milking power from the sexual repressed and the deviant to produce electricity. Some of it is set in imaginary brothels that cater to every kind of kink. They are the privileged and the poor and they all have their desires. The possibilities for this time were limitless and I think the collaborator collected the best of the best. These stories are as varied in their subjects as they are arousing!

It is hard to pick a favorite from this variety so I will give you a snippet about my three favorites.

In Mutiny on the Danika Blue by Poe Von Page a new captain is giving orders. The crew now has a new person to take orders from but it is not the man at the wheel at all. The man at wheel wears a butt plug and the lone female on this ship is the Dom in this story of power over power.

Her Own Devices by Lisabet Sarai is set in Hong Kong. A slave goes to fight for her master’s stake in the business as a Westerner is taking over. The night proves sexy and educational as this slave discovers freedom and the secret to the Westerners gender identity.

Infernal Machine by Elias A. St.James is the story of two young Russian boys very much in love and lust. One is to be an artificer and the other a nobleman by blood. They happen across a machine of sexual fulfillment and the artificer works hard to get it working again, while wondering if his lover will leave him for his birthright. The artificer ends up bound to the machine, plugged and gagged with artificial cocks until his lover returns with good news.

I really enjoyed these stories. They had a light kink factor and included anal and oral as well as gay and lesbian sex scenes. I really enjoyed each story and there wasn’t one that turned me off. I think these stories would appeal to a broad audience of sexual open lovers of adult erotic fiction. They are so far from my reality and steamy hot in their context!