Saving Grace

Saving Grace - Jane Green What a great tale. I completely forgot my life while I consumed this story. For two days, I wanted nothing more than to find out more about Grace and Ted. This isn’t a romance. Grace and Ted are a power couple who aren’t really living the fantasy that everyone thinks. Saving Grace was the story of Grace losing everything and then coming to find she is stronger than she thinks.

Ted is a famous fiction author whose moods have kept Grace like a captive. She is on egg shells one moment, swooning as his muse the next. The public only sees the perfect act they put on. Grace is a professional cook who does charity work at Harmont House, a shelter for abused families and those recovering from addiction. Ted’s assistant of the last fifteen years is leaving them. With Ellen leaving Grace finds Beth at the perfect time to fill the void and handle all the details. Unfortunately, Beth isn’t everything she seems. Grace may be the only one who sees it and it may be too late.

The book was flawlessly written in third person. I loved how much depth was written into the characters. Grace especially was someone who seemed absolutely real and completely relatable. Despite her wealth and the ease at which she throws a meal together, she is down to earth. She second guesses herself. She does charity to remember where she came from. She takes no pride in her station of life. Only that she is able to give back. Ted is charming and volatile. Everything a recluse with a ton of talent could become. In Grace we see that it is really amazing what you can get used to and call normal.

In Grace I see a mature woman who is afraid to turn into her mother. Her friends are adorable and I am almost jealous of people so willing to vouch for her character. Grace is someone worth saving, and worthy of love. We see in this tale that being good does not prevent bad things from happening to you. This story was fast paced, and very hard to put down. I really enjoyed this read and highly recommend it.