Dimitri - Kym Grosso Book six in the Immortals of New Orleans was a great read. I haven’t read any of the previous books but I had no problem catching up and falling all in for this story. Dimitri is a great tale. It has nail biting fight scenes, sexy alphas, shifting cats and a whole lot of drama. Get ready to fall in love with this paranormal world.

I have to admit that the first chapter had me a bit lost. I was trying to catch up and get the gist of this world. Dimitri is a wolf shifter. Apparently, in the last book he was attacked at the very end. This book picks up right where Dimitri is waking up. He finds himself mostly healed by a woman named Gillian. A woman, who just happens to be a shifter as well. Gillian is a healer and also a tiger shifter. She is half wolf, half tiger, but a tiger shifter. Mating with a wolf will mean she looses her tiger.

Gillian has a secret family tie, a man who is after her to mate and Dimitri has a jealous ex. Trust me when I tell you that this book is well written with loads of drama. The story takes us all over the country from San Diego, to New York and then to New Orleans. Family ties and animal packs. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale.

Gillian is smart, and kick ass, and a tiger shifter, (how cool is that?). Dimitri is a beta wolf, he wants to be alpha but Logan is the alpha of Dimitri’s pack… Jax is the alpha wolf in his pack in Gillian’s home town, and just happens to be half brother to a certain tiger shifter. Gillian goes to Jax and asks for protection. Even though these two don’t know each other well, the family bond is strong and Jax happily steps up with a great idea for getting a mate wanna be to stop seeking Gillian. His plan is almost fool proof. I can’t say more, just get this book. If not for the paranormal world and all the cool animal shifters, get it for the hot sex scenes.