Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy)

Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy) - M. Pierce I loved and hated this book. No, not the book. I loved and hated the characters in Night Owl. I just finished the epilogue of Night Owl. I wanted to write this while my views are fresh. I read all the rave reviews of this book and thought, “I have to read this!” It was not what I expected. The writing is brilliant. The characters dark and scary real. This book didn’t give me any reprieve, it just went there. Deep into madness and crazy love. I am so torn on how to review this. But let me try…

Night Owl is a book about a love affair. Hannah meets Matt on a collaborative writing website. Matt is a bit of an ass. No, he is a big ass. But she agrees to work with him anyways. His writing is brilliant. They start off completely anonymous, but then identities are accidentally revealed. They begin to let slip little details about each other in online chats. Between the writing there is this curiosity about each other. Hannah is giving him all of her info, and Matt begins to seek her out. Hannah is just getting out a relationship and starting over. She has nothing to lose.

Matt, on the other hand, is a man who lives with so many secrets. He has everything to lose, so he lies. The big one has to do with his writing. He lies about his true identity to her. He lies to Hannah about having a girlfriend. The cheating element was a bit of an issue for me. I could over look that because it happened almost against his will. Once you meet this character, you begin to understand. The mental illness that Matt suffers from, is something to be pitied. He is narcissistic, and very fragile at the same time. He never says goodbye on the phone, he just hangs up. He stalks her a bit, she doesn’t seem to mind. He tries to buy everything for her, no red flag is raised. He has hot and cold emotions and Hannah just blows it off. So much like a woman, Hannah is just happy to have him. When Hannah finally does put her foot down, Matt has a break down and shit gets real.

The complexity of this book is not easy to break down. First, the writing is brilliant. I could easily see this story. It is descriptive but not annoyingly so. The sex scenes in this book were incredible. Very hot sex, and deliciously written. The dirty talk is something I enjoy in a character, and Matt drives it home with his filthy, fictional mouth. Even with the amazing sex, this book is not all about sex. I don’t even think I could classify this as smut. The relationship isn’t what I would classify as normal. It is more like an addition for each other. How far would you go for your knight in shining armor? This is how far Hannah went for hers. At times, I felt he was deserving. Other times, I wanted to smack some sense into Hannah.

So I am torn on my review of Night Owl. I read this book incredibly fast. Like, late into the night, sneaking pages in at work. I love and hate the character of Matt. He is just like a man every man I have ever met. Because I love a**holes I love the character of Matt for pulling my heart strings. I know I shouldn’t even admit it, but I know how Hannah felt. When she saw her knight broken on the floor, lying in the hospital, crying because he was overcome with it. I know because women are so capable of love and look beyond every bad deed to see the man that he could be.

I love that the author of this book is also so secretive. Is M. Pierce a man or a woman. It is edgy and dangerous to write about a man like Matt. Is he sexist? Crazy? Maybe. He might turn a lot of readers off. By looking at the reviews of this book, Matt had the opposite effect. Is this book inspired by real life? I am completely absorbed in this story. It ended so…. suddenly. M. Pierce, where are we going with this? Luckily, I have [b:Last Light|2167112|Last Light (Last Light, #1)|Alex Scarrow||2172641], the next book in this trilogy, just waiting for me on my kindle. That review is coming soon…