The Line Book Two: Walled

The Line Book Two: Walled - Anne Tibbets Walled is the second and final book in The Line, following [b:Carrier|20886571|Carrier (The Line, #1)|Anne Tibbets||40228240] which I reviewed last week. This book continues with Naya’s story and is almost as haunting as the first. I loved the discoveries made in this book, the flashbacks giving us more about Naya’s past, the romance brewing in the forefront, and the strength of Naya’s accomplices as she and Ric try to start their lives.

We learn more about Naya’s past in this book. We also get a chance to see the babies. Naya isn’t a good mother by any standards. Although she seems to care, she doesn’t know how to show she cares. A woman has stepped in and does all the day to day stuff. Since Naya has intimacy issues, we cannot expect anything more from her. I am just grateful for the surrogate mother that steps into this story at just the right time. Naya chooses to go on a mission to save the world when she should be home parenting the twins. She doesn’t really have a choice. She is the one who has to start this. Things outside are getting worse and if she doesn’t act, there is no future for her children.

Ric and Naya blossom as a couple in this story. I really enjoyed seeing them in action, and then outside of the city. They work well together despite their oddities. This book opens up to life outside of the wall. What a surprise for the citizens of this world! Life outside the walls is much different, but not perfect. Naya and Ric are on a mission to make things much better for everyone at great personal cost.

My only complaint about this book is the very last chapter. It was a great story, with so much promise for the characters. Then everything felt so rushed. The whole book is play by play for the characters and then the last chapter is like a summary of the end. I wound have enjoyed reading all the details about the final moves. I feel a bit robbed of the story. This is just my opinion. The story is well written and the series is definitely memorable.