Sasha (Mixed Drinks #1)

Sasha (Mixed Drinks #1) - Rae Matthews I loved this book. Sasha had everything I could want in a romance. It was funny, witty, sexy, realistic, emotional and swoon worthy. I laughed and cried as I read this book. I finished it in one sitting because it was so easy to read and just plain addictive. I was delightfully surprised as the story unfolded. Rae Matthews did a stellar job on this. I can’t wait to read more of this series.

Sasha is a bartender who has really bad luck when it comes to guys. So much so that her and her besties have funny/horrible nicknames for all of her ex-beaus. They are hilarious! On a night after her most recent dating disaster, a regular at her bar has a bit of a breakdown. He starts trying to molest the girls, to show them how a real man should do it. Just in the nick of time Stallion, (aka Bash), waltzes in and saves them from disaster. He is the out of control patron’s Grandson. An unlikely meeting and these two have an instant connection. It is brief and he runs out before she even gets his name. As luck would have it, they meet again at a social gathering. Their next meeting finds Sasha in true form, embarrassing herself in front of a crowd. Trying to dive into the water from a boat, she slips and falls into a split into the water, right in front of everyone.

I even hear some genius call out, “How was your river douche?”

Not the best first real introduction, but definitely a memorable one. How embarrassing? I could completely relate to a girl who isn’t always so suave. I am the kind of girl who would split my pants on a date, which Sasha did on the first sex date. Bash is really cool and takes her faults in stride. He is a guy any girl could fall for, but he is hiding something. Not wanting to be “jealous girlfriend” Sasha patiently waits for him to tell her about his big secret. She ends up spoiling it for herself in an obnoxious way.

I loved how the story was broken up. The relationship between Sasha and her besties Megan and Sadie. They met when she was dating a friend of both of their boyfriends, that didn’t end well but at least she got to keep her friends after the breakup. There are some really great characters in Sasha, and who could forget her neighbor Betty.

I hurry out of the bathroom, only to see Betty showing Bash her new vibrator, and telling him that this little thing really drains the batteries.

There is some heavy subjects that come up in this story and the author handles them with grace, and veritable honesty. It is so refreshing to find a book about real characters, doing real things. I enjoyed how the author didn’t make it all doom and gloom and that the characters don’t take themselves too seriously. I really love the story. I enjoyed the writing style which sucked me right in. This story is true gem!