Night Terror

Night Terror - Jeff Gunhus The sequel to Night Chill is just as disturbing, maybe even a little more so. Night Terror takes us ten years into future, after the event that rocked the little town of Prescott to its core. All the key players are there. In this book we hear much more from Sarah, the girl with the gifts. The ‘source’ from the caves turns out not be as gone as we thought and a new group of monsters enter the scene. The source has even stronger allies now, and will stop at nothing to get to Sarah.

This book starts off with the graphic description of a boy who can remember everything back to being born. He is a special child, with a lot of gifts. Then we see that his life is ending in the most disturbing way I can think of. It was sick and I found myself wanting to see who would do such a thing right away. The author introduces us to the main monster, a woman called Mama D. We get all her sad details and learn about her son. We learn why Mama D is pursuing Sarah and how hopeless the situation is for her.

This book also expounds Lauren’s role in all of this. Lauren is Sarah’s mom. Although she learned the truth about her old boss’ side project in the Night Chill, Lauren pursues his research with more caution. In seeking a medical answer for everlasting life and healing in the form of the ‘source’, Lauren is so very close to actually figuring out how to replicate the process. Her scene in the lab ends up being the thing of nightmares. It is something I am sure will be replayed in my mind over and over keeping me awake at night.

This book was non-stop action almost from the first words. I felt like this books was more focused. The author still gives us loads of details in every scene, but we already know the characters. The few characters that are new get special introductions and first person chapters so we really get a good idea of what is going on behind the scenes. Even the bad guys in this book are written so well, they all have at least a shred of redeeming qualities. I enjoyed this book as much as the first one. I recommend you read Night Chill first, you would miss a lot by skipping it. I highly recommend this series. I hope there is more to come.