Not Your Damn Submissive

Not Your Damn Submissive - Amy Valenti I just finished this book and all I can think is, What a great story! Not Your Damn Submissive is a standalone introduction in the Denial series from Amy Valenti. This book was easy to get hooked on since the characters are original and very likeable. Kat and Callum are both genuine in their roles. We get to see inside the thoughts of both Kat and Callum as they get to know each other. The sex in this book is hot and quite original as well.

Kat is working at a movie studio when she hears a certain actor is coming to town to film. Kat and Callum meet and have instant chemistry. He works on getting her to acknowledge their mutual attraction throughout the story. Callum is so patient and follows all the rules. I loved the Dom in this story. He is exactly what he should be. He has to work really hard for her as she works for him as well. Kat is understandably apprehensive, without seeming ridiculous. She is believable. Both of these characters are so damn real. Kat has little ground for not trusting him and their attraction is undeniable. This book is written in first person for both Kat and Callum. I loved that these two are so damned relate-able.

This love story is really sweet. While rooting for Callum to win I was so curious as to why Kat is so scared. Kat is a submissive in denial. Kat is a survivor, and her past is a cautionary tale for why consent is so important. Unlike most submissives in books, who just have a hangup on giving up control, Kat has a very good reason to deny this part of personality. The revelation of why shows the authors understanding of BDSM and the need to for education without prejudice. Hooray for an author to really understand what it means to be part of the BDSM community and write about it! All of the details of Callum and Kat work on mutual consent and safety. The author manages all of this without sacrificing interest. I am now an official Amy Valenti fan. I am really looking forward to the next book in this series, Not Your Damn Dom.