Undeniable (Volume 1)

Undeniable (Volume 1) - Ashley Simone;Alicia Roberts
I totally fell for the synopsis on this one. I really wanted to like this story. I got into this book easily. The premise of a poor virginal waitress in a big city fresh out of college sounds plausible. The author does a good job of setting the scene for us. Allie is stuck in a job she hates, she hasn’t found a job in her field yet. Money is tight for her. She doesn’t have much experience with the opposite sex, especially since she spent so much time taking care of her mother and brother. Allie is not a very likeable character though. I found it hard to relate to her. She seemed pretty boring to me. Her love interest Zac is even worse. He is arrogant and standoffish. I usually find arrogance an attractive quality, but I disliked him in very scene. There is a sense of mystery about him. He is really attractive, he says all the right stuff, but then he just walks off. I couldn’t get into his character. I just kept thinking, there must be something better out there.

I read though the whole thing. I was just waiting for something to happen. Her brother enters the story, but he is strange in his interactions too. There is no explanation of why he does what he does, or speaks to her the way he does. It is just a big dysfunctional story. The ending was horrible. I know it is suppose to be a trilogy. This novella was more of an introduction than a stand alone story. I hated that. The ending was right in the middle of a conversation. Being a ebook I didn’t see it coming, like at all. I didn’t like this book enough to say I will bother to find out what happens in the next installment.