Love by Numbers

Love by Numbers - Sara Donovan I picked this book up because I liked the cover. I read the synopsis and thought I could relate to the character of April. This is a girl who has a heart problem but she is intelligent, so she tries to outsmart her heart. This was a really cute book, and it provided me with a little break from what I normally read. I really thought the characters were a bit unbelievable, but the premise was pretty original. The character of April seems “normal” except in the fact that her best friend is male, and straight, and good-looking. Despite the fact that they both seem attractive, they don’t have feeling for each other sexually. (Btw, that will never be me) April has a pretty quick wit but she is not following her instincts. Should of, could of, but didn’t act on it. That is totally me. She seemed cool to me, her wit is attractive, but she is a bit immature. Poor Girl! Conflicted April is dealing with something almost any girl can relate to, she has a crush that doesn’t seem to like her back. She daydreams about him and reads too much into everything he does. I have definitely been there. She decides she needs to get over him. April devises a plan to make herself fall in love with her bestie in an attempt to get over this crush. The fact that he agrees to this sham is hilarious. The result is funny and lighthearted, and a bit sad. This read made me think of Sophie Kinsella‘s books, but in a less predictable format.

This story takes place in Australia. I liked that about this book, since it seemed a bit foreign to me, in an English speaking country kind of way. The sex is PG in this book until you get towards the middle, then it becomes a bit more PG-17ish. No need to worry about getting swept away in passion in this book. Like most romcom fiction, there is too much turmoil for too much sex. The story switches from work scenes to home quickly. There are not any boring details about the mundane toiling on of daily life, just the heart of conversations and April’s confusion about how to proceed. It was almost diary like in its presentation. This book was a nice break from reality, complete with a super happy ending.